Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Our Sedona vacation was over and we were heading home to Colorado today. On the way home we had two stops planed, the Meteor Crater was the first stop.

This is what I saw from the parking lot

I wasn’t going to pay $15 to see the meteor crater again since I have seen it already in 1991. The meteor crater is one of those things that I feel every one should see once in their life time and Mike had not seen it yet so I sat in the car and ate the lunch we made this morning and brought with while Mike went and checked out the Meteor Crater. 40 minutes later we were back on the road. These are the pictures Mike too.

The parking lot viewed from the crater

Meteor Crater is over 4,000 feet across and 550 feet deep

The crater owners proclaim this to be "the first proven, best-preserved meteorite crater on earth.”

The meteorite that struck the crater is officially called the Canyon Diablo Meteorite

Meteor Crater can be reached by Meteor Crater Road located between Flagstaff and Winslow, AZ


Michaelle said...

I've always wanted to see Meteor Crater. Thanks for the pictures!

Trish said...

Great shots! I posted about this on my blog today, too, and now I am perusing blogs looking at others' take on it. ;)