Saturday, February 02, 2008

Six more weeks of winter it will be

It’s groundhog day today. I was hoping for some good news but Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in Pennsylvania this morning, so that means winter will continue for another 6 weeks.

Yikes, 6 more weeks? We’ve had the snowiest winter in years and pretty cold one too. Below zero temps, snow coming down every few days. Just yesterday we got 9-10” of snow.

The only machine in the garage that's getting any action lately is the snow blower

This may be the toughest winter since I have started “seriously” riding motorcycles, which was 1999. I guess I was spoiled, the last few winters were pretty mild. If one wanted to get out for a short ride, there were at least 2-5 days a month where there would be no snow on the ground and the temps above freezing. Last year and especially this year Chicago is having a real winter. Great for snowmobiling, bad for motorcycling.

Last weekend the sun came out for a little bit so we were out sledding again. Today it’s cloudy with occasional snow and high 20’s, that’s the kind of a winter day that makes me want to stay inside.

My favorite sledding hill in the western suburbs

Sledding is fun, but unfortunately, after the 6th trip down the hill I’m ready to do something different

Mike slowing it down to avoid a collision

Ducks having fun on a sunny Chicago winter day

After sledding we went for a short hike through the park, just at the bottom of the hill. There was a nice creek and bridge there. This constant snow is making me explore the town I live in, I can't ride and I can't spend all weekend indoors either.

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Sally said...

Very nice summary of this winter. Glad you are able to enjoy fun stuff in the snow. I have enjoyed looking at the snow (or coat the trees in ice) but my bike sits in the garage shivering! And we are getting one more round of snow tonight. Fun.