Saturday, February 11, 2006

Int’l Motorcycle Show [day 2]

Today’s highlights:


I chatted with Gary Eagen for a long while at the Ducati booth. He’s the guy that broke the world record, riding 5,632-miles from the northernmost road in Alaska to the southernmost tip of Florida in 100 hours certified by the "Iron Butt Association". He completed the ride on a Ducati Multistrada. He was just the person I needed to talk to, after all I already made the Decision to ride around the world on a Muli a few weeks ago, even though everyone that had done that kind of riding said to get a BMW or a KTM. But I don’t adventure tour, I don’t ride dirt, so why would I get a different type of a bike to do one trip, when I can do the trip on a bike I’m more familiar with. Needless to say, Gary though that the muli was capable of a trip like that and added that he had more BMW’s break down on him than Ducatis.

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It’s always great to talk to a legend.


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This is also the second year in a row that I’m drooling over the K1200S. This bike is sharp and it’s low, although it’s not very light at all. This will probably be one of those bikes that I will always dream of having, but for me, I just can’t justify it. It’s expensive and my ST3 is so much lighter and probably handles more like a sport bike. But it’s nice to have something to dream about in case I do win that lotto some day.


Back on the Buell, I really enjoy the displays. The Lightning which I call the iPod bike, is my favorite Buell. I think I’d like to ride one again at femmoto this year.

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GXSR 750, does this bike make my butt look fast?

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GSXR 1000, red is my least favorite color scheme for the gixxer.

I had to re-visit the gixxers today. I like to play this pretend game where I figure out which color of bike I would get if I was to get one, but that’s usually the easy part. With the gixxers, I had a hard time figuring out which bike I wanted, the 600, 750 or 1000cc. All very similar, they all fit me well. A 600 would be great because I could do some track days on it, the 1000 would be super fast and the 750 some where in the middle. I sat on all 3 and I though the 1000 was the most comfortable, then the 600 then the 750. I don’t know how, they look the same, except for the exhaust.


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I sat on the new parallel twin Ninja 650R. I’m not sold on the looks and I can’t say I’m sold on the way the bike feels. I’d imagine it would be comfortable with handlebars and upright seating position, although the Suzuki SV650 fits me just right and I like the more aggressive seating position. Maybe the new 650R will grow on me.

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This year total all around winner (in my opinion for whatever that counts) is the Z750. I actually really liked the bike last year when I sat on it at the show and then again when I sat on it at Femmoto. I hope to get to ride it this year if Kawasaki attends again. And I even though of replacing the F4i with the Z750, but I really wanted a touring bike so I‘m glad I got the ST3.

I love the way the Z750 looks, especially in this black/silver sparkly color scheme. This bike is the most comfortable of all the bikes that I sat on at the show. It’s low enough, the seat seems soft, the seating position is upright but I still end up leaning forward. Just seems like a great all around bike.


Becca said...

Heh - it's all about the Z750 and R1200ST. (STN women rock!)

Nice review of the show and great pics. Alas, I don't think any bike could possibly make your butt look big.

Rick said...

Diane and I also talked to Gary. I told him of the little adventure we have planned, and thought that the 1000 DS was better suited for the task than the 620. I was very impressed how easy he was to chat with.

carolyn said...

*hi-5s Becca*

She's right; I don't think any of the STN girls will talk you out of a Z or an R1200ST! *grin*

I talked to Gary Eagan last year (not about any particular trip; just in general). What a nice guy! Friendly, funny, and no extra ego that I could see.

VIVID1 said...

Rick, the reason Gary might have told you that 1000 was the better bike is because he rides Iron Butt, quickest route, meaning …. possibly a lot of slab, straight roads. When I discussed our ride with him, he said choose the bike based on the roads you want to ride. I said all back roads, twisty mountain roads, some dirt roads. I said we have a year to do it so we’re not going to be in any hurry. He said the 620 would be better for that kind of a trip, the bike is lighter, and it does better on the twisty roads and dirt. And it’s a shorter bike, so that would be better for us.

btw.... ST.N chicks do ROCK! I need a larger garage and way more money, I want all these bikes :(

Jerry James said...

Your site is great! My wife and I love reading it. Stay safe and yes that bike did make your ass look fast hehehe

Jammin said...

Excellent review of the show Anna. And yes your butt looks fat, i mean fast. hehe. The Gix makes everyone look shexxy.

Isnt that K1200S some machine. Hopefully we can get a ride from Kaos sometime soon.