Friday, February 03, 2006

Safe international touring?

Where to tour or not to tour, that is the question.

Currently there are over 60 disputed borders or territories in the world. First step in planning a world tour is figuring out where we don’t want to go. This map shows the world, the black “explosion” icons are troubled nations aka places we want to avoid.

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Jammin said...

Yeah I hear there's no actual highway connecting Panama to Columbia, so we're going to have to fly over that part.

Rick said...

Trouble can hit you at anytime, in any place. Just because there is a black dot in one place today, doesn't mean there will be trouble in those spots tomorrow. I have had guns stuck in my face in the following places, Paris, Rome and Beriut. Most people will say Beriut is more dangerous than Paris or Rome. I found I was more terrified in Paris and Rome, than I was in Beriut. I was prepared for trouble in in Beriut, I assumed I was "safe" in Rome and Paris. I went to from happy tourist, to being a terrified one in a millesecond. Rule one of traveling is always be prepared for trouble, learn how to handle yourself in a sticky situation. I was very pleased that both Ewan and Charly did training in those exact situations before leaving on they little adventure.