Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park in Spring

This Spring my mom came out to Colorado for the first time to visit me. So of course I took her to Rocky Mountain National Park, with a stop in Nederland and Estes Park. Trail Ridge Road was still closed through RMNP, and there was still so much snow here since we’ve had such a snowy winter and spring. But the scenery was amazing and since I live in Lakewood now and don’t get up to RMNP as much as I used to, I really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from the drive up to RMNP.

Trail Ridge Road

Lots of snow up here on Trail Ridge Road

More snow clouds moving in

It was very windy on Trail Ridge Road

An inquisitive bird

An inquisitive bird leaves

At Bear Lake

My mom got my this alpaca wool hat in Estes Park - I love it!

There is a lake behind me somewhere under all this snow

Mom and I at Bear Lake

Rams at Rocky Mountain National Park

Pussy Willows - they reminds me of Poland

Lily Lake

Lily Lake was as smooth as glass today

Mom and I at Lily Lake

At the visitor center with moose

A real cowboy in Estes Park? I guess all this shopping got him tired

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George F said...

Nice pictures, was the bird trying to make a snow angel? ;-)
I love the reflection picture with the almost symmetrical view of the mountains. I also bought an Alpaca hat for my daughter in Sisters, Oregon, she loved it :-)