Monday, January 30, 2006

More tools

Went shopping for tools over the weekend. At this rate by the time Spring rolls around I will have almost everything that I need. Harbor Freight is becoming one of my favorite stores.

This is what ended up going home with:

magnetic pickup tool & telescopic inspection mirror

I really needed to get one of those magnetic pick up tools and an inspection mirror. Two weeks ago while taking off the seat off my 954RR in order to hook it up to the trickle charger, I accidentally lost one of the washers. It conveniently fell in to the black plastic tray that holds the battery. I hope to fish it out with these implements. I know this will not be the last time I loose a small part inside my bike.

battery charger

I have finally purchased my own battery charger, after using my friend's charger like at least 4 times, I needed to get my own.

And here are some other miscellaneous things that I will soon need.

snap ring pliers

breaker bar

hex socket set

torque wrench

oil filter wrench

adaptor set


Rick said...

Harbor Freight Tools RULES!!! Once again, you get a better deal than I did! You got an entire set of metric allen sockets, for less than I paid for my one 14mm I purchased at the local automotive store!

Jammin said...

Man... those pictures of the adapters looks like modern art. Excellent photo. and can i say it please... nice nails :p

VIVID1 said...

I hope the purple nails are as pleasing to the eye as pink ones :) enjoy it while you can boys, once riding season starts up again I won’t have the time to do my nails, I’ll be out riding all the time he he

Rick said...

I like the purple nails better...LMAO and Jay is right the adapters do look like modern art.