Saturday, September 02, 2006

Knoxville, Iowa to Hays, Kansas

I slept in a bit and was out on the road by 9:30AM. I couldn’t contact Sandy on her cell phone before I left, I had a signal but when I dialed her number it wouldn’t even ring. I was heading toward Kansas City hoping her bike would be fixed today and we could resume our trip.

Taking a walk outside the motel in the morning

Spiders in the field near the motel

After some meandering back roads I arrived at I-35 and slabbed south. I was cruising at a conservative speed since Sandy’s bike was the one with the fuzz buster. Then, I got passed by a guy riding a Boss Hoss and I gave chase for a while, but just a while, he was really hauling. I ran in to him later at a gas station, not a young guy at all, but really nice, he was chatting with all the motorcyclists at the gas station. I was about an hour north of Kansas City now so I gave Sandy a call. Good news, her bike was already fixed. They were just finishing up now. The problem was water damage in the multi connector box located in the front left of the bike, we didn’t even check there yesterday. I guess this is a problem on the older Ducs, the connector box isn’t waterproofed and after a while water gets in there and does all sorts of damage.

Sandy's bike getting worked on at Letko by Mario

Sandy and I decided to meet up somewhere on I-70 west of Kansas City in a couple of hours. We were going to call each other around 2:30PM and see where we were at that time to figure out who would ride to meet up with whom. Three more stops and two more phone calls, we finally met up in Topeka about 4PM.

The bikes is fixed and the tour continues

Immediately past Topeka the weather turned to crap. It went from sunny and 80’s to rain and 60’s in about the span of thirty minutes. We stopped once to put on our rain liners on and stopped again to put on more warm layers, it was down right chilly and the sun was going down. At sundown we stopped for the night in Hays, KS at Motel 6, Sandy only had 5 hours of sleep last night so we decided not to push it today. We walked over to Whiskey Creek restaurant, which was recommended by the girl working the front counter at the motel. Good food and good beer.

Dinner at Whiskey Creek in Hays, KS

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