Friday, September 15, 2006

They scratched up my tank

I picked up my 900SS from the dealer, my bill for the valve service was a bit over $400. The CF canisters sounded amazing on the way home and right away I felt the bike had more power. In addition to the CF cans I also have a K&N filer now. The bike is also a bit taller, they adjusted the shock.

I got all the way home and proceeded to examine my bike and then I almost had a heart attack. My tank had a few nasty scratches on it. Apparently someone scratched up my tank while doing service on my bike. I contacted the dealer and they will paint my tank over winter. That’s great but I’m not happy, thy seem to be very careless.

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Nasty scratches on my tank

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My 900SS is back home with CF canisters

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