Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hays, Kansas to Albuquerque, New Mexico

We were out on the road by 8AM, no interstates for us this morning; we took a bunch of back roads that cut through Kansas in to Oklahoma and in to New Mexico. This way was just as fast as the interstate, the roads were empty and we kept our speeds up. In the early afternoon we reached Clayton, NM where we were originally planning on camping last night before Sandy’s bike broke down. I made a few short cuts in today’s route so we could still try to make today’s destination; Albuquerque, NM where we were going to spend the night with Sandy’s cousins family.

Made it to Oklahoma

And we made it to New Mexico

We found us a cowboy in NM, but had to throw him back, too young


The temperatures were cool today and as the clouds moved in it got a bit chilly. We got on it and headed for the mountains of New Mexico, wanting to ride through there before heading south to Albuquerque. The roads were nice and scenic, many twisties, also a bit of traffic. The cars were moving at a good pace, we didn’t even need to pass anyone, but then we caught up to a slow Harley cruiser riding two-up and that was it, we couldn’t pass him, we were stuck behind him for miles.

Many twisties on 64 Near Taos, NM

Taking a break on 68

Nice sweepers and scenery on 68

Near Taos we found some rain and the pace got even slower. The rain wasn’t bad at all though and it did amplify the already crisp and fresh mountain air. We also saw a bit of deer here in the forests, and many more crossing the main streets in towns. As the sun started to drop toward the horizon we started to head toward Santa Fe. In the dark we jumped on I-25 for the last section of our ride in to Albuquerque. The temperatures were still nice and the traffic was moving fast. Then all the sudden, the traffic came to a halt as we encountered some gaper’s delay. There was an accident in the northbound lanes, as I passed the emergency vehicles I took a peek at what was lying in the road. Oh my. It was big. It was brown. It was a freakin’ bear.

We arrived in Albuquerque at around 9PM. I found the road the house was on, the driveway was sloped and gravel and dark. The butterflies in my stomach instantly got agitated as I contemplated my decent to the house below, locating the path of least resistance. I don’t like gravel. I really don’t like slopped gravel and I really, really don’t like any gravel in the dark. It went well considering I couldn’t see much. We parked the bikes in front of the house on the patio and went in.

Mary Ann, Sandy’s cousin, and Al, her husband, had an amazing spread of food waiting for us. Home made cheese ball and some crackers, chicken fajitas a la New Mexico , good ‘ol American apple pie and good beer and local wine. Sandy and I sat outside in the back yard with Mary Ann and Al eating and drinking and talking as the fire burned in the outside fireplace near by. The night air was clean and cool and very pleasant. Sandy and I were beat. We laid out our sleeping bags in the living room next to the fire place and it was nighty-night.

Dinner is waiting for us

We're not very neat guests

Indoor camping

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Anonymous said...

I am from Albuquerque, the riding in NM is very under-rated. Great twisty roads. have fun and be safe. Look forward to your next post