Monday, January 09, 2006

Exercise for clutch hand

Now that it’s winter and I’m not able to ride regularly, my clutch hand hurts after a few hours of riding (like it did yesterday and still today). This is not a problem during the riding season, since I ride often enough to keep the muscles in my hand that work the clutch strong. I have small and weak hands, I’m sure this is not a problem for many motorcycle riders. And the hydraulic clutch on the Ducati is also much tougher to pull in than the one on the 954RR, so now more then ever I have to keep those muscles working all year long.

When I do get that rare opportunity to ride my bike during Winter, I don’t want my hand to get sore before I’m ready to go home. Years ago I bought this hand grip contraption, just using it every other day makes a big difference. The only problem I have is remembering to do it.

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This is the one I have, it’s a cheap model with foam padding.

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These Harbinger models look fancy compared to mine and also cost 3 times more.


Jerry said...

I used one of those when I was a rock climber. They work great and you can keep them at your desk at work. -Jerry

Rick said...

Actually you should also gets some smaller weights and work you upper body also. Deltoids, biceps, triceps, the back muscles (can't remember the official name!) and do some abs too.If your core muscles are stronger, you have much better endurance and you can ride further with less fatigue.

brian said...

For Harley riders, check out the AMP Research "EZ-Pull" clutch helper. It cuts the clutch effort required by about 50%, really helps in stop-n-go traffic, and is a big help for riders suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc. Very low cost and easy to install. They are for sale on eBay Motors, or you can do a search for "AMP Research".