Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day Ride: Hatcher Pass, AK

We started the day with a hike in the woods. I brought my camera not expecting to see a moose again but what we saw was even better. A moose just gave birth to a calf probably a few hours before. COOL!

Umbilical sack coming out

Later on we took a ride stopping in Eklutna Lake, one of Mark’s favorite places to go kayaking and mountain biking in the fall.

Eklutna Lake

Then we took off toward Hatcher Pass, we couldn’t go all the way to the pass because there was a blizzard here a week ago and the pass was still closed, we got just a couple miles short of the pass. The scenery and roads were pretty amazing.

Mark and I near Hatcher Pass - Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!

Near Hatcher Pass we ran in to guy on a red Daytona , it was Les, one of Mark's friends, we all went to Mother Lode for dinner, sitting outside on the deck in the sunshine and 70’s temperatures.

Les and Mark

Dinner at Mother Lode on the deck

The general route for today's ride


Payne said...

Fantastic scenery! What keeps taking you up to Anchorage? -Payne

Rick said...

OMG....matching leathers, how cute! ROFL

VIVID1 said...

Is that like matching license plates? LOL

I had no idea Mark had a jacket that looked like mine, he’s got like 30 diff. riding jackets :)

VIVID1 said...
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Busagirl said...

Can you send me your travel tips for gear on airplanes? I have such trouble packing everything, do you have a trick to it?

PS... pics look great of the Duc!

Jammin said...

Seriously.. you guys are all matching and all.... that's awesome! And how cool about the Moose again. I've seen calves being born.