Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moose sighting in AK

Today was an easy day of relaxing an lounging around, also it was a record breaking 74 degree in Anchorage. After Mark and I got done visiting places and people there was some time left for a much needed nap. To wake up we went on a hike in the woods behind the house with Comet, the world’s cutest dog.

That’s where I saw my first moose up close. He was about a 100 yards away and was crossing the path, then stopped, he was looking at us, then he headed back in t the woods. He was a young one and small, but still pretty big to me. I didn’t bring my camera, bummer.

The winds had started blowing pretty hard as we walked though the woods, by the time we left for dinner they were gusting pretty hard and the sky was filled with smoke. There was a wild fire just 20 miles away.

For dinner we went to Orso. The plan was to do a ride this evening and go to bike night but with the winds gusting pretty hard and me being tired and out of it, having not slept much the night before, so we decided to skip it. I washed down my cod and shrimp dinner with a glass of wine.

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Jammin said...

Moose!! I was hoping to see one in Canada, hopefully not in the middle of the road, but you know off in the bushes, take a quick picture then get outta there. I'm still so happy that I saw a bear in Pennsylvannia :)