Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 2 Flat 4 Tour: Osseo, WI

After some breakfast at the truck stop, my group took off, it was already in the 60’s at 9am and very pleasant. Andy lead the way.

A small dam South of Mindoro, WI

I was taking pictures, so my group got to the gas station in Bangor first, I sill had to do a few things, so they left and I was going to meet up with them in Rockton at the BBQ place for lunch. The group did a few laps though Wildcat Mountain, I went straight to Rockton, so I got there first. By 11:50AM the place started to fill up with Harleys. The F4T groups pulled in a bit after noon, the place was already pretty busy.

I had the usual, the shrimp burger, it was great and only $3. After lunch we decided to change the route a bit and head toward Baraboo to ride the free ferry in Merrimac. Two smaller groups decided to merge and ride as one, but few others and I were in the back of the group and we got left behind when no one waited at the road the group turned on.

I decided to lead the group to the ferry using the most direct way in order to catch up to the other group. We made it to Baraboo and we were glad that we got left behind, a lot of the people from the other group were pulled over by the Police, apparently for speeding.

We waited for them at the gas station, I had some killer coffee and Oreo ice cream in a cone. Some people jetted home and some came with us. Since we had one Wisconsin rider with us, he led us to the ferry, taking a bunch of cool roads.

Waiting for the ferry

The ferry is here

Cool, a FREE ferry ride, never been before

On the Merrimac ferry

From there we jumped on the interstate, I took the exit for Janesville and took back roads all the way arriving in Chicagoland around 8PM. Today’s weather was even better than yesterday, just perfect.

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