Sunday, June 11, 2006

Second ride: 900SS

Another sort of nasty day out, cold, upper 50’s and rainy. I avoided most of the rain by riding away from the dark clouds, but I still got rained on a bit. The good thing is, the roads have been pretty empty all this weekend since people maybe decided to stay home.

Gloomy day, fun bike

I had on two additional layers today and I was still cold at times. I'm so spoiled with my heated vest and grips on my 954RR and ST3.

Managed to put on 280 miles today. I like the bike even better today then yesterday. My back wasn’t bothering me as much today either. I need to strengthen those back muscles up more.

I though this was a hydraulic clutch, why is it so easy to pull in? I’m not having any problems with it like the one on my ST3. Also, the shifting on the bike is so much smoother and nicer compared to my ST3 and my ST3 has twice as mile son it then the 900SS …Hmmm.

Photo op near the nuclear plant

Stopped by the Rock River again on the way back from Stockton

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bdew said...

Hi, congrats on your new bike, I'm picking mine up tomorrow. Was just wondering if you had looked into getting a top case installed. I've ordered the top case rack from GIVI and should find out on tues. if it fits.