Thursday, June 08, 2006

My other Ducati is a 900SS

Goofy day today, I went to MCC in Villa Park to order a service manual for the ST3 and by the time I walked out I bought a bike.

Couldn’t pass this up, a super clean 2000 Ducati 900SS with 3,600 miles. The previous owner was also short so he had a Corbin seat made that allowed him to reach the ground better. Also, this bike has Heli-bars, the two mods that I would have to make anyway.

The bike needs new tires though, the ones on there are 6 years old and as hard as a rock. I ordered Metzeler M1’s, I’ll bring the bike home after the new tires are mounted.

Super clean

Corbin seat


1 comment:

atypical1 said...

Nice bike! Congrats. Not enough people appreciate the SS line *sniff* *sniff*.
Happy motoring!