Monday, June 19, 2006

ST3: Oil Change #3

Today was a special day, I did the first oil change with my own tools on my ST3, it was the 3rd oil change for this bike. Oil change #1 was done at the dealership for the break in service and oil change #2 my friend Rick did at his house before I owned any tools to do my own.

12 Easy Steps

1. Run engine

2. Remove lower right fairing

3. Cover pipe with aluminum foil

4. Open drain plug (10mm hex wrench) and drain oil

Clean metallic particles from the magnetic drain plug

5. Remove outer cover for strainer (14mm hex wrench)

6. Remover strainer itself (14mm hex wrench)

7. Remove old oil filer

8. Fill new oil filer ¾ with oil and rub oil on rubber-o-ring

9. Install new filter

10. Replace drain plug and new crushed washer

11. Fill engine with approx. 3.5 quarts of oil

12. Run engine and look for leaks

1 comment:

Rick said...

I'm shocked at the number of shavings on your oil plug....we basically have the same mileage on identical bikes. I just did the oil change for the Montana/West trip.....2000 miles overdue too boot. I had maybe 3 or 4 shavings on the oil plug...the screen was very clean. If your next oil change shows the same, that many shavings I would bring it to the dealer. It looks like your still breaking in the bike?