Sunday, May 18, 2008

The alphabet soup, scrap metal and a ferry

The TWiSTAR event was officially over this morning. We packed up and by 8AM we were getting ready to leave. Some people were saying their good byes in the parking lot but many more had already left. First thing was first. Breakfast!

We jumped on the empty and curvy 60 and headed to Sauk City where I knew for sure there was a McDonalds. I had a coupon for a free breakfast and I don’t turn down free food.

The morning was chilly but sunny. At the McDonalds we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Not too far from here was a place I wanted to check out, so when we got done eating we rode over there. Unfortunately the place didn’t open for another three hours. Since we had no real plan today, other then riding a bunch of good roads on the way home, we decided to ride a few roads in this area and come back at noon when Forevertron was going to open.

A short line waiting for the free Merrimac Ferry this morning

The Wisconsin River behind me, that bridge in the picture is for trains only

Mike took his helmet off for the very short ride across the Wisconsin River

The Merrimac Ferry is a "Historic Place"

There were a few cars sharing the roads with us around Baraboo and Devil’s Lake. This is a very touristy area and I’ve never seen the roads empty around here. Since I haven’t done it in a while and Mike has never been, we took the free Merrimac ferry across the Wisconsin River.

Tower Rock off PF East of Leland

Our morning loop: 60 to 12 to 159/DL to 113 where we crossed the river on the ferry, then 188 back to Sauk City, then on 12 again, PF and C, back to 12 then 78 to Y. My favorite from this line up is C, followed by 60 and PF.

Then we rode back through Sauk City again. A stop for gas and bathroom, just to waste a few minutes. Then we rode some of the roads we were on going to the Slimey Crud Run and a road I rode the previous year on the way from the Crud Run.

Mike stretching at Tower Rock, we only saw one car in this area so he was in no danger of being run over

We looped it back again to 12 and back to Forevertron. It was 5 before twelve now. The gate was still closed. So we waited. And waited. Did a few things while we waited. Finally at 12:15PM Mike called the phone number listed on the sign but it was an answering machine. At 12:20PM we left. Too bad I really wanted to check out the scrap metal sculptures.

Waiting at the closed gate to Forevertron located on 12 south of Baraboo

At the gate there is a big scrap metal sculpture of a butterfly

Many scrap metal sculptures can be seen from RT 12

Sign hanging from the gate at Forevertron

A sign at the gate showing the colossal scrap metal sculpture, looks really cool

Today was supposed to be a cool day, the high was only going to reach the upper 50’s. It didn’t seem that cold this morning, but now the sun disappeared and a thick blanket of clouds hung above us.

Y to KP to 78 to JJ to J, out of this bunch I'd say Y was the only one with very little curves. KP and JJ were very nice.

In Mount Horeb we grabbed some lunch at the Culver’s. We sat outside but I was actually cold now. I was warmer on the bike with the Gerbing heated liner on. There were some roads that I wanted to try out, and some roads that we rode last year that we wanted to ride again. I was just following the GPS and making the route up as we went along.

From Mount Hore we took 151 , then G to A. Then we rode North on JD turned around and rode it back down (yes, it's that good). G is also a great road. A and J are OK roads but this year there I'm seeing a lot more tar snakes

Taking a break at a park right off 78 in Argyle, WI

The only congestion of the day was through the suburbs of Rockford. I tried a new road and we ended up riding way to close to civilization and having to stop at many red lights. We arrived home way early around 7PM.

My GPS tracks ( yellow is today's route) we did 320 miles

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Beemerchef said...

Sure is nice to see the two of you together!!! Long time... no see...
We should be out of Utah soon... not done, but it is getting HOT...Colorado here we come!!! Will try to find some movie stars in Telluride... and show off Spirit! Unless it is the wrong time of the year... You guys have a great one... photos are awesome!!! I myself ready to upgrade... 5D... "L" lenses... but... no $'s!!!
Be well... Ara & Spirit