Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missouri & Arkansas twisties here we come

May went by way too fast. Seems like before we knew it, Memorial Day was upon us and we barely had any time to plan our big trip to Nova Scotia. Not only that but both Mike and I are still super swamped with work so taking so much time off is not possible right now.

About two weeks ago we already knew a long trip was out of the question, so we decided to head down to Arkansas. We really enjoyed our rushed 3 day ride to Arkansas last September and we definitely wanted to see more of the state.

We have a 1,700 miles of roads planned for this trip, many miles are on interstate, but the purple lines are all twisty roads that we are planning on riding

We only had 4 days to plan a fantastic route for this trip and get packed. Tomorrow morning we’re heading out to Missouri and then Arkansas. The forecast is calling for rain everyday, but mostly scattered showers. The temperature down south will be hot, near the 90 mark, and Chicagoland will remain really cool. As a matter of a fact, it will be in the 50’s when we leave and in the 40’s when we come back 5 days later. Still not sure if I can swing this trip with only my mesh jacket and my Gerbing heated liner or if I should bring my other cold weather jacket for the colder temps. We're also planning on camping each night, no matter what the weather brings our way.

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