Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Writing about riding for HSTA

I have recently joined the Honda Sport Touring Association, a club where all brands of motorcycles are welcome. Not only am I now a member of HSTA but I am also a feature writer for their STAReview magazine.

If you are a member of HSTA and already receive the STAReview, look for some of my articles starting with the next month’s issue. If you are not a member of HSTA, unfortunately I will not be posting my STAReview articles to my blog, but I will be using my blog as an extension for all my articles. In the printed world I’m limited to only write so many words and include so many pictures per article. The blog will allow me to post the rest of the pictures and include all those details that I can’t possibly fit in the printed piece.


Mike said...

Freakin' awesome, congratulations!
Look forward to the articles.

Richard said...

Hey! Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming syndicated :-P

Rick said...

Great news!

Payne said...

Cool! I was the STAReview featured member a few months back: