Friday, September 09, 2005

Illinois to Pennsylvania (attempt #2)

So I get three hours of sleep, re-pack from the ST3 to the Givi top case for the 954RR and realize I’m already running late, rush hour traffic is already in full swing and I’m just too tired to ride, three hours of sleep, 700 miles of interstate on a 954RR, not a good idea. I call Peter to cancel. I can’t go. I’m so bummed! He leaves without me.

I went back to bed but could not fall asleep, it was already light outside and I’ve already had a bunch of coffee this morning. I just laid there and at 9AM I called my dealership and within 30 minutes there was a trailer at my house picking up the bike. A few hours later I received a call that the bike was fixed. The problem was resolved; apparently the ground wire that was connected to the computer, wiggled loose. With the bike all fixed, I though about still getting out to PA. I called up Peter telling him I was still coming up there, but I would leave early tomorrow morning after I got some sleep tonight.

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