Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday Craftsman cabinet

OK, so I despise shopping and I really despise crowds and long lines, so historically I have avoided going anywhere near any stores on black Friday, but this year I needed some things and if I went to get them today and TODAY ONLY I could really save some money, and I like saving money.

So in 15 degree weather, all bundled up, I got myself some deals. One of which, was something I really needed to start organizing my tools. The garage is starting to look more like a place that you can actually work on bikes.

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Yes, in the back of the garage on the table near the wall is a Craftsman 7 drawer tool cabinet/chest thingie in pretty black. Once of these days, when if I need more storage space I get the bottom part with the casters, but for now this is plenty good.

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Rick said...

That think is freaking awesome! I can't believe it, YOU have a better tool chest than I do! I seriously have to get my shop re-organized, which means proper tool chest.

What a go Anna! I'm impressed!!