Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Cat Bike

Caterpillar is one of our customers, the company I work for makes harnesses and connectors for all kinds of vehicles. We just had a new guy start in the transportation department, so they wanted to take him down to Peoria for a visit with Caterpillar. Remember this thing?

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Paul Jr. calls "the toughest bike built by Orange County Choppers." The bike features many unique characteristics that you can also see on Cat machines, including Grade 8 bolts and other hardware, sprockets, bucket teeth, and a Track-Type Tractor exhaust.

Horsepower: 150 HP
Operating Weight: 680 lbs.
Top Speed: 140 mph
Color: Cat Yellow


Carol said...

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kristin said...

That actually looks really really cool to play with.

carolyn said...


carolyn said...

Dammit, how'd I manage to leave that as a comment?


I meant to say that that bike looks pretty fun. Is it neat-looking in person?

Rick said...

Hmmm interesting to look at, but hardly something I would want to ride. I would love to hang out in OCC's shop for a couple of years, so I could improve my metalworking and painting skills.