Saturday, November 12, 2005

Italian Moto Brunch, Elkhorn, WI

I found out about the monthly Italian Moto Brunch just a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping that the weather would cooperate so I could go and check it out. The forecast for today: high of 65 degrees with rain starting around 3PM, not too bad for mid November.

It was already in the mid 40’s when I pulled the bike out of the garage. Now that it was already the end of fall and colder out, I was leaving the house much later on the bike. I didn’t expect the traffic to be so bad at this hour, it was only 9AM, I was already going to be late and I still had to stop for gas. I arrived at the Wave CafĂ© in Harvard, but no one was there. I checked my voice mail and found out Rick and Chris were already heading towards Wisconsin. I arrived at the Elkhorn Restaurant around 11:30AM, everyone was already inside eating.

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After brunch some of the people were heading out for a ride, but the rain was already on its way so the three of us decided to heading home in a not very direct way with Chris at the lead. By the northern suburbs the rain drops were starting to fall, but for the most part the big rain was holding off for now, just a sprinkle here and there, sometimes more sometimes less. But I would not be so lucky since I still had about an hours ride towards the western suburbs.

The big rain came just as the weather man predicted and continued to pound on me all the way home. Traffic was heavy and at one point I couldn’t see the road so I pulled over at a gas station, I needed gas anyway. Not ready to get back out there right away I took a 10 minute break before continuing. Half an hour later the rain turned very again, I didn’t stop again although my left glove was full of water and I really wanted to wring it out. It was already starting to get dark as I pulled in to my driveway. I was dry except for my gloves, I need to get some thin rain gloves.

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Rick said...

It was kind of fun hanging out with this group of Italian enthusiasts. What a bunch of gear heads tho! These folks knew of every quirk of every Italian Motorcycle.

I showed up at Chris's place a few minutes late, I hit some twisties on the way. Chris's duc was being difficult and took it's sweet time starting, so we left about 10 minutes later than planned. Chris took the backroads almost all the way to the Wave, which was much nicer than taking 14. But this back way route made our arrival a little latter than planned, we arrived at 10:15. No other bikes in the lot. Chris bought us some coffee mocha whatever, and we sat down and waited. I called Anna, left a voice mail. After 15 minutes, I was starting to wonder if everything was okay, after all earlier in the week I managed to put my duc on it's side in the garage, I know Anna has to move two bikes in her garage, what if she had a similar problem? I have known people to get trapped beneath a bike. I mentioned this to Chris, and he dismissed the idea..."Anna is too careful to let that happen". At 10:45 Chris and I made the decision to head up to Elkhorn, I left Anna another voice mail, telling her of our plans. Chris and I made it up to Elkhorn in about 25 minutes and found the resturant with no problems. I checked messages, Anna had arrived at the Wave at 11...after being stuck in traffic. I left another voice mail telling her the exact location of the resturant. She walked thru the doors about 25 minutes later. We had a quick bike to eat, and decided to forgo riding with this crew because of weather conerns. Chris found another way back to home....this guy knows every back road in the area? We encountered a few light sprinkles by the time we reached my place. Anna and I managed to load all the tools I had picked up for her at Harbor Freight in her hard luggage, and with dark clouds and a light rain, she headed for home.