Sunday, April 20, 2008

Drenched in Pennsylvania

It had rained overnight, but the skies were clear now and the sun was shining as we walked over the lobby of the Day’s Inn to grab some of the complimentary breakfast.

Bikes parked at the Day's Inn

Dan's 1000RR, my ST3 and Alex's V-Strom 1000

Mike's Tiger and Rick's STs

The forecast was calling for rain all day and before we even got on our bikes the clouds had moved in and it was already sprinkling. This morning’s route was a loop of 95 miles which was supposed to take about 2.5 hours. Once we get back in to Clearfield we will make our way to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub and Restaurant for lunch, and then take off toward Chicago, although we were not planning on returning home until Monday night.

The lunch at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub and Restaurant was the reason of this trip. The last two years hundreds of bikes showed up at Denny’s, but with today’s bad weather we already knew many people would be staying home.

The roads were great. Hardly any traffic and very scenic. The drizzle continued for a while but it didn’t bother anyone, the six of us were having fun riding.

(Picture by Jay) Taking in the scenery

And taking pictures

The drizzle finally turned in to light rain and then toward the end of our route it had really started to come down hard. We made it back in to town, toped of our gas tanks and made it over to the restaurant. As predicted, only a fraction of the bikes were there.

Back in Clearfield, Dan and Rick

We had lunch, mingled and got ready to ride again. Jay and Dan took off for home, and myself, Mike, Rick and Alex took off in the direction of New York state. The rain turned to drizzle and then stopped all together but it remained overcast and cool. At times the temps were in the low to mid 50’s. The further north we got, the higher in elevation we were, the colder it was. Less then 30 miles before reaching the New York state line, we turned east continuing in to Ohio. Little by little the blue skies were returning once again, and by the late afternoon the temperatures were comfortable again.

Our bikes at Denny's in the rain

Mike and Rick's burgers, my wrap and Jay's chicken wings

We left Pennsylvania’s mountains, hills and forests and as soon as we crossed in to Ohio the topography turned flat and the roads became straight. We made it to the east side of Cleveland as the sun started setting and found a Super 8. This was the best room of the trip, a suite with two rooms for $80.

There was a restaurant next door to the Super 8 but by the time we got our bikes unloaded and changed clothes, it was closed. There was also a pizza place called Pizza Pan next door on the other side of the Super 8 but we had pizza two days ago, we wanted something a bit more healthy tonight. But since the other restaurant was closed and it was getting late we ordered pizza again. And what a deal, but one get one free. The chicken BBQ was so good I didn’t even try the other one.

Pizza again - meat pizza and a chicken BBQ pizza

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