Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monument Gulch Road, Colorado

Monument Gulch Road is a four mile long 4x4 dirt road located west of Fort Collins. It connects Buckhorn Road with Pingree Park Road.

Monument Gulch Road is 4 miles long

The sign for Monument Gulch Road at Buckhorn Road

The beginning of Monument Gulch Road at Buckhorn Road

If you’re heading northwest to Pingree Park Road from Buckhorn Road you can use Monument Gulch Road as a short cut. From Buckhorn Road, Monument Gulch first climbs for a bit but after that it descends all the way to Pingree Park Road.

The XT225 is a good bike for this road

Monument Gulch gets a bit bumpy at times

There are some smooth and level sections on Monument Gulch Road as well

Lots of Aspen trees here

Riding out of the forest in to a clearing on Monument Gulch

A fork in the road - lots of other forest roads here

Heading down all the way to Pingree Park Road on Monument Gulch

Some neat looking rocks formations

A large hole in the road

More Monument Gulch Road

The complete ride report from Monument Gulch Road and the other roads I rode that day is here.


Rob said...

I lived in Colorado for 9 years before moving to NY for work. Your post makes me miss the place even more then I usually do. What a cool ride!!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.