Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bicycling Coastal Trail, AK

Another nice day, turning sunny and low 70‘s. After walking Comet in the woods, we had so much fun bicycling yesterday, we decided to ride to the end of the Coastal Trail. The trail is awesome and has a bunch of hills and twisties, the scenery is also very nice as the trail travels by the coast of the Cook Inlet. It’s pretty chilly near the water.

Coastal Trail

Twisties ahead

Cook Inlet ahead

Mark shooting pictures of moose

On the way back we ran in to two Beemer bikes from Illinois, and stopped to chit chat for a while with the riders, they were from Springfield, IL. It was cool to see Illinois MC plates up in AK.

Illinois riders

Mark and I with the Anchorage skyline behind us

Downtown Anchorage from the Coastal Trail

Dinner was so good yesterday, we rode back to downtown Anchorage and ate at Humpy’s again, this time I had Salmon tacos and Midnight Sun Oosik Amber, very good food and beer. Today we did 35 miles.

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