Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bicycling to work

This is a start of something new. Today I rode my bicycle to work and I plan on riding it to work at least 2 times a week until it gets too cold to ride. It’s fun, good exercise, good for the environment and I will save some money on gas.

Today was a beautiful morning, it was in the mid 70’s when I left the house. The heat has been totally washed away after last night big storm. It was only going to be 83 degrees today and sunny, a great day for a bicycle ride.

The ride to work was about an hour, the majority of it was done on the bicycle path, but since there is so much traffic on the road, I was delayed having to wait for cars to pass so I could cross the street. The portions of my trip via sidewalks were not as fun, unfortunately there are no shoulders on the roads I take so I’m not about ride on the street and get hit by a car.

I work in a corporate environment, no place to lock up or put the bike at work so I left it in an empty office all day. I guess I’ll do that until I’m told I can’t.

Dahon cubed

After work I decided to ride in the opposite direction of home for a bit, it was such a beautiful day. Well, what I dreaded finally happened. I was stopping, pulled my foot once and it wouldn’t come off the pedal, pulled on it twice still stuck, ran out of time, I fell over with the bike… operator error or product malfunction? I thought I yanked hard enough... hmmmmmmmmm.

Well, at least I know how it feel to fall, too bad the bicycle path was paved at this point, no damage to the bike or rider though, just a tiny scrape or two and a couple of bruises. Man, second ride on the bike and I'm crashing already. I guess you can say I ride motorcycles way better then bicycles and having my shoes attached to the pedals is so new to me.

I stopped for a raspberry sorbet, turned around and headed home. Maybe I did a total of 18 miles today. Way more fun than driving the car.

Sorbet, it's what's for dinner

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Becca said...

Ok. The trick to eggbeaters is not "yanking"

You twist your heel out and it disconnects. It may be that the cleats need to be adjusted for float (I think I'm using the right term??)

Supposedly the "twist heel out" motion is more natural than others. Whatever. It really works once you get the technique down in your head.

Although I'll admit to a "chain ring tattoo" created once about 30 miles in to a 40 mile ride where I forgot to pull my foot out when stopping at a traffic light. Ouch!