Friday, November 17, 2006

Munich: Food

So we’ve been to many Bavarian restaurants this week, but tonight we hit the jackpot. This place was not overrun with tourists and the food was amazing. The best Spatzel or Spaetzle (German egg dumpling noodles) so far.

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Munich (and Bavarian) food is meat based revolving mainly around pork, many meals are not served with any vegetables. If vegetable are served, they are usually boiled. As in the rest of Germany, in Munich a huge variety of sausages (Wurst) are available.

A local specialty is the giant pretzel called Brez'n which are covered in a sprinkling of rock salt.

Munich itself has a number of large breweries, some of which you can visit too, e.g. Paulaner, Spaten, Löwenbräu. Basically beer falls into two types; wheat beer (Weissbier) and lager (Helles Bier). You get differant types of all beers, e.g. dark wheat beers, yeasty wheat beers and so on.

Cigarette smoke is a major problem in restaurants. It seems as if almost everyone smokes and very few restaurants even bother with just-for-show non-smoking sections, as if it would do any good anyway. If you don't smoke and hate being around others who do, you'll have problems here.

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