Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sedona, AZ: Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing

The Cathedral Rock is one of the most photographed rock formations around Sedona. There are a few places in Sedona where you can get a good look at Cathedral Rock but the most popular place to see this magnificent rock formation from is Red Rocks Crossing.

On the trail to Cathedral Rock

This is a tourist trap and there is a fee to enter this area, but from what I read on the internet it’s the easiest way to see the rock formation. If you park your vehicle at the Crescent Moon Ranch picnic area you can take an easy trail that runs along the Oak Creek toward Cathedral Rock. The hike was very enjoyable and I do believe the trail continues further. We only went as far as the most photographed view - Cathedral Rock reflecting in the water of Oak Creek.

Hiking from Crescent Moon Ranch picnic area

Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek

Neat looking tree

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