Friday, December 21, 2007

Heading south for the Holidays

The truck is all packed, the bikes are on the trailer. Just putting some snow in the cooler to keep our food cold. How is that for using natural resources? In a few minutes we’re going to head south, where we will be bouncing around for the next 11 days.

We have a few National Forests picked out where we want to ride and/or camp. Kisatchie in Louisiana, De Soto in Mississippi, Conecuh and Talladega in Alabama and Apalachicola in Florida.

The weather will be the final deciding factor where we will actually end up going and how much riding we will actually get to do. Winter is not my favorite time to travel and ride motorcycles since weather can be iffy this time of year all over the country, but the company I work for closes for the holidays so I have no choice but use my days off doing something I enjoy, which is traveling and riding motorcycles.

Visiting friends and family is also on the list to do for this trip, and no matter what, we’re going to check out the Barber Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, AL. I’ve seen many pictures from that place but I have never been there.


Rick said...

Have fun! Keep the rubber side down!

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