Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mueller State Park to Ridgway State Park

Just as before while camping at high elevation, I had a hard time sleeping since Mueller State park is located at 9,500 feet. When morning came I felt sick. The wine I had last night didn’t help matters since alcohol makes altitude sickness even worse. Packing up was a slow and agonizing process. We finally ended up leaving Mueller State Park at around 11AM.

Highway 24

Highway 24 is mostly straight with a few sections of curves, which was perfect for the way I was feeling today. By the time we pulled into Johnson Village, south of Buena Vista, we were ready for lunch. We stopped in at the Gunsmoke Café to eat.

Gunsmoke Cafe in Johnson Village

Lunch at the Gunsmoke Cafe, beef tacos and a hamburger

My tacos weren't all that great, the burger looked pretty good though

After lunch we continued south on 285, then west on highway 50 and finally south on 550 to Ridgway State Park. After 235 miles and not feeling too good, I was ready to get off the bike. We arrived at the State Park just an hour before sunset and had to ride around to find the loop where our tent site reservation was at. The tent sites where down a road and near the river. We had to park the bikes in the main parking lot then use a wheel barrel to take our stuff to our campsite. From the bridge, it was all uphill to the campsite.

Loading up the wheel barrel with all our stuff at Ridgway State Park

Dalton pulling the wheel barrel to the campsite

We stopped at the grocery store to grab some stuff to eat at the campsite

A small campsite fire

By the time we got our tents up, it was already dark. Too bad I was sick today and we ended up leaving late. There was a hiking trail that traveled right by our campsite and had we been able to get here early, I could have done a short hike. This park had a lot to offer.

Our 235 mile route: Highways 24, 285, 50 and 550


Rob said...

That route looks like it must have been a fun ride. I have found a new love of biking and hiking that I never knew before. After loosing a bunch of weight and getting back in shape now I tend to mix hiking and cycling events up. I would never judge but I wish there were more bikers who were willing to take a jaunt out to a nice hiking trail rather then just to the nearest Ice Cream Parlor or Bar. Well I do like ice cream so I can not really knock them for that. Take care and hopefully the summer will bring you many more adventures.

Mike said...

Anna's back!