Saturday, April 22, 2006

Time for 6K mile service on the ST3

I dropped the Ducati ST3 off in the morning for the 6K mile service and since I was here, of course I had to look around some. Since riding the 996 last week and being amazed at how nice it rode and how comfy it was, I’ve been thinking if next year the 954RR should be replaced by maybe a Ducati 999?

I think I sat on one two years ago at the motorcycle show but I didn’t remember what it felt like and since the Ducatis are always propped up on back stands at the international motorcycle show, I never really know how heavy the bikes are or how far I can reach to the ground on them.

I can reach the ground, awesome!

It's comfy, is this my next bike?

All I have t say is WOW! What a great looking bike and not really tall either, with some suspension adjustment I think I could get it at least half inch lower and the guy said there is a lowering option for the 999 too, although I don’t think I need it, it’s sits very similar to the 996.

I‘d need to put Heli bars on the 999, will make the bike way more comfy, the only thing that is not comfy is the pointy gas tank, but once I bring the clip-ons up that shouldn’t be a problem, I‘m kind of laying on the tank now. Little person = short arms.

And I really thought that my next Ducati was going to be a Mulistada 620. Maybe not. Today was the first day that I sat on one and the bike is so tall. I was barely on my tipie -toes. I’m sure I could soften the suspension some and shave the seat a bit too but it will still be taller then my ST3 and for a dual-sport I’d really like to have the bike as low as possible, I’d like to flat foot it. This sure is a pretty bike and not even that expensive, I’m a bit disappointed, the 620 is almost as tall as the multi 1000.

This multistrudel is as tall as a horse

I guess I’ll have to get a BMW F650 GS like everyone else that is my height or shorter, which isn’t that bad actually since I like that bike also and it has a lower seat option that I have already tired and I like the way the bike sits.

I think I have caught a new bike bug this spring.


Anonymous said...

Really nice bike for a very pretty pilot !!!

Thank you for your blog ! (from France)

Paul said...

Anna, what kind of leathers are those you are wearing? Those pants look really nice. It's so enjoyable reading your blog by the way. I have been looking around for a good touring/commuting bike, and really like that Ducati ST3. I guess I'd have to get a used one though if I got one, as they don't have them anymore. The Triumph Sprint ST is also a candidate.

Anna said...


Those are Vanson leathers, I love them. I've been wearing htem now since 2001.

There should be many ST3's out there used, I saw a few for sale out here in CO. Good luck!

Paul said...

Thanks for the info on the leathers.
What do you think of the 2009 Triumph Sprint ST? Have you had a chance to kick the tires on one of those?

Anna said...


I like the Triumphs a lot, but they are tall bikes, so I'll never ride one.

The ST3 has been a difficult bike to own, very expensive to maintain and I've had a bit of problems. I love the way it handles, but I doubt that I'll ever buy another DUC. The ST3 is paid for and as long as it runs good, I hope to keep it.

Triumphs are pretty realible bikes, the maintenance is not too bad either on them. If I was taller I would have bought a Sprint over the ST3.

Try and ride both bikes, and find out the problems each models are prone to having and how much maintenance is before purchasing.