Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Review: Roadgear gloves

Still looking good after 2 years of use

I’m throwing these gloves away, they are done, their time has come. I checked the roadgear.com site and these gloves are no longer available, mine are size small and the fit was great. I think I paid $70 for them. I bought them in Spring of 2004 and I toured with them exclusively until end of last year. They have totally fell apart in the last few months, although I have at least 40,000 miles on these gloves and I‘ve never treated the leather.

Leather was thick, it took a while to break these gloves in. Good looking gloves, I like the yellow carbon fiber a lot. Quality stitching, the top side of the gloves still look great, it was the leather that fell apart, too much wear and tear. Great fit and very comfortable.

The palm was made of carbon fiber fabric, which was thin, so you could feel the heated grips nicely but I prefer the feel of leather on the palm, more grip, this was the only thing I disliked about these gloves.

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