Saturday, April 22, 2006

Virgil, IL - riding gravel on a sportbike

The weather was awesome today, a tad bit warm for April, temps in the low to mid 70's. Since I was already geared up from riding the ST3 to the dealer earlier to drop it off for the 6K valve service. I just changed jackets, took some layers off and took off towards Virgil, IL.

There are a few roads that have curves here

Was this a bank years ago?

There are a lot of small farm roads here. I usually stay on pavement, but today I ventured on to the gravel roads. Most are very short and connect the paved road. They can be used as short cuts. Today I found some longer gravel roads.

This way too big to be called gravel, arn't these small boulders?

Then all the sudden, one of the roads I was on, turned from small gravel that was easy to ride, to huge gravel that was also deep. I had a really hard time getting through that. I had to continue because turning around would have been even harder for me.

Bigger gravel is not so fun

I think I'm all alone out here

Well, riding on gravel was a good experience. Small gravel is good, large gravel is not so good for riding. I did about 100 miles, only about 10 miles were gravel. Traffic was light and I found myself alone on many of the roads.

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