Saturday, April 15, 2006

Seward Highway Alaska on a Ducati 996

Today was sunny and 40 degrees, a bit windy as we rode along the along the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet. Mark and I rode out to Girdwood via Seward Highway, he rode his Triumph Daytona 955i, and I rode his Ducati 996. The 996, what a fantastic bike that is, the sound of the dry clutch along with the exhaust rumble of Fast by Ferracci, it’s music to my ears.

I fit the 996 pretty well

Taking a break and taking in the sights

The Seward Highway, from Anchorage to Seward, is a National Forest Scenic Byway and one the 27 roads in the United States that has been designated as an "All-American Road", the most scenic of the “National Scenic Byways” because they have features that are unlike any others in the United States.

Turnagain Arm along the Seward Highway

A train runs from Anchorage to Seward for the tourists

The Seward Highway has some dramatic views of mountains and the inlet. At certain times of the year there is a chance of viewing beluga whales and an eagle or two. There's also the possibility of seeing the tide come in. Turnagain Arm's bore tide is the second highest in North America, second only to the tide in Canada's Bay of Fundy.

It still looks like winter up here

Seward Highway, the All-American Road

I better not fall in, the water is cold

In Girdwood we sat and warmed up with warm beverages and a snack. It was a bit chilly without heated gear. I am so amazed by how many motorcycles I saw today and yesterday on the roads. 40 degrees in Chicago, you wouldn’t see that many bikes out. We hung out in Girdwood for a while, it’s a popular place for bikes to meet up at.

Looking toward Seward Highway

We were not the only bikes in Girdwood

At the bakery, looking for a warm beverage

We ended our day with dinner at Simon and Sea Fort’s in Anchorage overlooking the Cook Inlet as the sun was setting. Just amazing. Now I see why people rave about Alaska, it’s truly beautiful and I’ve only seen so very little of it. For dinner I had Alaskan halibut, it was awesome and unfortunately I forgot my camera.


Rick said...

Mmmmmm tell Mark....I'm coming up next week, I want a ride on that 996! Sweet bike!

What shape are the roads in?

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Jammin said...

Sweet looking Duc! and we want the low down on all this romantic business.