Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Big Bend N.P. day 3

At 8AM I woke up to 22 degrees.....brrrrr... I was wrapped inside TWO zero degree bags. The guys slept in the trucks and the women in their tents AGAIN! A water hose busted and sprayed a tree all night and morning until they turned the water off. Proof of how cold it was last night.

Other things were frozen also, like my liquid-gel toothpaste and the drinking water in the back of the pick up truck. But the sun was already warming the air and it was promising to be another warm and clear day.

John and Becca left this morning so only Mike and I were left although we're expecting a few more people to arrive in the next day or two. We rode to the east side of the park today.

East side of Big Bend N.P.

Rio Grande

Mexicans on the other side of the river (waiting to cross maybe?)

The temperatures climbed in the mid 70's in few places, turned out to be a really great day. It went from cold to warm and back to cold.

This is the road to the Hot Springs, it's short but pretty cool and very scenic. Something about the edge made me nervous though.

Trying to make it back to camp before sunset

Mike and I had dinner at High Sierra Bar & Grill in Terlingua, great food.

Around midnight I heard a bike in the distance. It was so dark that I couldn’t really see anything, but then I heard it again and I saw it. It was another one of the riders that rode from Austin, TX and was going to ride and camp with us.

I found Felipe riding in circles, trying to find the tents, but it was so dark he had problems seeing anything, I waved him down. As he was setting up his tent I was hearing water running. I went to investigate. Sure enough, further up the hill there was another water hose that had busted. Since my tent was down hill from the water I decided to move my tent a bit. I didn’t want to wake up in a puddle the following morning. It wasn't that cold tonight, only low 30's, the water wasn’t going t freeze.

As I was telling Felipe where the bathroom was we heard a bunch of horses running around, but we couldn’t see them for a while. But sure enough, later I saw a bunch of them running though the gas station and on the street, then they ran though the camp again, really close to the trucks and tents. Did they become loose or were these wild horses?

I had a hard time falling asleep knowing there were wild horses running around, I heard them near by for a while but finally I fell asleep.

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