Saturday, May 30, 2009

New posts are coming!

Yikes! I am posting this in July! I'm about a month and two weeks behind on the blogging, I've been very busy. So very busy.

I haven't been on line in about 3+ weeks. I took a nice long motorcycle trip, then I moved, then I went on another motorcycle trip. I just got internet at my new place today and I just started to unpack also. I should be ready to start posting pretty soon and there will be lots and lots of new posts. So stay tunned!


Mike said...

Are you still in Ft. Collins?

f said...

Still in Fort Collins?

Anna said...

I'm in Loveland, just south of Fort Collins.

Lori said...

Missed your posts. Hope you're doing well.


Anonymous said...

Mike move, too?
Where he?
Stefan in Portland

Anna said...


I'm doing great! I hope to catch up on the blog. Lots and lots of things have happened in June and July, but I'm not going to reveal everything just yet he he.... you'll have to wait for the posts :)

Anna said...


I don’t get in to my personal life on the blog too much, but it seems like for so many months now many people have been asking the “where is Mike” question. So maybe I should answer it.

Mike and I broke up back at the end of 2008 but since we were both unemployed at the time we were kind of forced to keep living in the same house. Mike finally did find a job in Denver in early spring and is living in the Denver area now. We are still friends.

Anonymous said...

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