Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ride and dinner in Nederland, Colorado

About 5PM Mike and I headed out to do the same route Rita and I did yesterday. There was a bit of traffic getting out to the mountains at this hour and it was hot today and still in the 90’s. There was also a bit more traffic on 72.

Heading to the mountains on 93

Many turns and twists on 72

Mountain views from 72

Going in to a hair pin curve on 72

We stopped in Nederland to have dinner. The Wild Mountain Brewery looked very inviting. It was also busy tonight, all the outdoor seating was taken so we had to sit inside. We didn’t want to eat to much, since we didn’t want to be too stuffed to finish our ride, so we ordered appetizers. The nachos were huge though. Food was really good, the prices were tourist town high.

Wild Mountain Brewery in Nederland

Dinner: chicken nachos and smoked salmon and potato cakes

After dinner we continued on 72, now the road was virtually empty as was 7. Before we lost all the daylight we stopped to take some pictures.

Posing next to the creek running along RT 7

Awesome rocks along 7

The ride through Boulder was slow, there was a bit of traffic. Even though this route is 110 miles, it does take at least 3+ hours to complete. With stops and meals it’s a bit more. Great roads though, even the second time around.


Mike said...

Are you wearing the Fieldsheer Titanium Mesh jacket...if so how is it working? Is it cooler that say their adventure jacket or others?

Anna said...

It's a Fieldsheer ladies High Temp jacket. I also have the Fieldsheer Adventure jacket and it's too hot for summer. The vents arn't enough for me.

The High Temp has mesh in some places, but the rest of the jacket
is solid material. I can wear my Gerbings heated liner underneath it down to upper 40’s comfortably with just one light fleece pullover underneath the Gerbings and over the Gerbings I wear a Gortex wind breaker.

I’m glad this set up works since this way I only need to bring one jacket for summer time touring. I’d love a jacket that converts, like the Tourmaster Flex jacket I had that jacket, but it didn’t fit me right, also the Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket converts from solid to mesh, but it only comes in black and the material isn’t as thick as the Fieldsheer jackets. I thought the old Fieldsheer textiles were junk, but they have really improved their line the last two years. The balistic material is very much like the material my $700 Marsee jacket is made from, but the Fieldsheer is not expensive at all.

Anna said...

Oh, yes, it works for hot weather too. It's been in the upper 90's here and I'm fine with it.

I'm sure an all mesh jacket would be cooler, but I think this jacket would protect me better in a crash.