Monday, December 08, 2008

We’ve got snow

I guess Winter has officially arrived, outside the windows there is white stuff everywhere. Kind of weird since there was no snow when we left Fort Collins and now there is. Makes me feel like I’ve been gone longer than 11 days.

The morning after we got back in to town Mike got up at sun rise and snapped these pictures.

The sunrise from our balcony

The road in front of our house

A closeup of snow

You can actually see the individual snowflakes

I can’t help but notice how this snow is different from the white stuff in Chicagoland. It’s very fluffy, dry and shimmers like diamonds. And what is also weird for me is that sky is blue and the sun is shining even though there is snow on the ground. Seems like in the Midwest most winter days are overcast.

The shots below I took around the neighborhood while taking a walk.

Snow shimmering in the sun

Don't need to go far to catch a hike, plenty of unofficial trails behind the house

And even more official walking and bicycling paths near by, this path goes past our house

Tree branches covered in snow


Heather said...

All of these pics are absolutely beautiful!!

Anna said...

Thanks, although as they say, picture don’t do it justice. Winter is like 100+ times better here than in Chicago.

Mike doesn’t get in to photography like I do, but when he does pick the camera up he usually gets some good shots.