Friday, December 19, 2008

A winter drive on Poudre Canyon Road

These pictures our from our drive up to Zimmerman Lake near Cameron Pass, about 50 miles west of Fort Collins. The Poudre Canyon Road, aka highway 14, is a very scenic road with many turns and twist. So far I’ve only seen it in the summer and fall, but it’s really beautiful in the winter time. Here are some of the photos from the drive.

Leaving Fort Collins in the fog

Poudre Falls, not much water here this time of the year, just lot of ice and snow

Near Cameron Pass the road is covered by snow

This picture is from our drive back to Fort Collins, just a few miles east of Cameron Pass thee are a few nice "s" curves

Heading back down

Beautiful snow covered mountains

Back in Fort Collins, this is the down town area at rush hour, just a few slow going blocks

The down town area all lit up with holidays lights

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