Friday, August 15, 2008

Council Bluffs, IA to Chicagoland

We were only 452 miles from home and I wanted to make sure I got home tonight. We’ve cut the trip short since there was something very important that I had to do tomorrow morning, I had to be home to do it.

We have been riding in the evenings to get me back home by tonight and I could just see something happening close to home, like getting a flat tire or something, to prevent me from getting home on time.

I just didn’t want to cut it so close. While Mike still had to put in a full day of work today and couldn‘t leave until about 3 or 4PM, I decided to head out early and ride home by myself. Mike didn’t have to work tomorrow so he could either ride the 452 miles home tonight or camp somewhere tonight and finish the ride tomorrow.

Before 10AM I left Council Bluffs. The day was chilly and never really warmed up past the upper 60‘s. There was quite a bit of traffic on the road and I just wanted to get home already. Focused on getting home, I didn’t even take one picture today and stopped only when I needed gas. It was hard to believe that after 6 weeks on the road I was going to be home tonight.
By the time I got on I-88 I needed a longer break and some food. I rolled in to Chicagoland as the sun was setting, thankfully missing rush hour traffic by a couple hours.

After countless of trips this was the first time that I had returned home and felt like I’ve actually been away for a long time. Because of work the last few years my longest trips had only been 10 days long.

After spending 50 days away from Illinois and riding 6,864 trouble free miles on my 954RR, now with 41,870 miles on the odometer, all I could think of was when would I be able to return to the mountains?

I think it’s time to start planning our move out west.

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