Monday, August 11, 2008

Our last days in Colorado

Since our arrival in Highlands Ranch Colorado yesterday, we have been thinking about starting to plan our ride back to Illinois. This trip was finally coming to an end but not because we wanted to go back home. I had to be back home no later than Sunday, August 24 so we were going to try and ride back to Illinois over that weekend, taking three days to get home and taking some scenic back roads through Nebraska and Iowa.

We were hoping to stay here in Highlands Ranch for the rest of this week and then go back to Fort Collins for a week before heading back home. But just as we started planning our two last weeks in Colorado I came to find out that I received some mail at home and unfortunately there was something that I needed to do back home this Saturday morning. THIS Saturday morning?

We decided we were going to leave this Wednesday to arrive home on Friday. So instead of having two more weeks left in Colorado, we only had two more days left in Colorado.

Larger than life-size bronze statue of a pronghorn by sculptor Larry Perkins

This statue is named “Tah Keen Cha” which is the Oglala Sioux Indian name for the North American pronghorn which inhabits our Western plains

This afternoon Mike’s uncle gave us a tour of Highlands Ranch. The highlight of the tour was to check out one of his bronze statues, this one is of a pronghorn which stands in front of the Westridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch.

The pronghorn statue was really neat to see and we got lots of info on the making of bronze statues from Mike's uncle. It's actually a very long and expensive process, but they do last forever. And Highlands Ranch is very interesting place, it is one of the most populous unincorporated communities in the United States and its zip code is actually the zip code for Littleton, Colorado. This explains why I didn't see Highlands Ranch on the maps.

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