Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last oil change of the year

Even though fully charged, the battery didn’t have enough juice to start the bike, so with the charger on and connected to the battery, sending as much voltage as possible, first try – nothing, second try – nothing, third try – nothing. Crap. But with each attempt, it seemed like it was closer to starting. On the fourth try the 954’s motor finally turned over. Hurrah! The bike was running.

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After changing the oil and filter, both bikes got tucked in under warm wool blankets. I hooked up the 954 to a trickle charger, who knows, maybe it will maintain the battery just enough to start again, not like it matters, in a month or two the 954 will get a new battery and it will be ready to go again. The trickle charger for the ST3 is going to get modified, so I can plug it in directly to the power outlet, instead of connecting it to the battery, since the side panel would have to come off.

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Happy Holidays!!!

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Rick said... that picture...the bikes under their blankies, all tucked away for winter, wearing their Christmas best!