Saturday, December 17, 2005

Winter killed my 954 battery

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to start the bikes and let them run for a bit. I usually like to keep them running by riding them but it’s been a very cold winter so far and it has been snowing a lot so I had no opportunity to go for an actual ride. I’ve been hearing reports that this is the coldest winter in like a 100 years or something like that. It’s been brutal, many nights the temp drops to single digits and the highs are in the teens or twenties, and it isn’t even officially winter yet. Since I don’t winterize my bikes, I was going to run them in the driveway for a bit. The ST3 started the 954RR didn’t.

I already knew the 954 needed a new battery, I’ve had been having problems starting the bike. But I didn’t want to buy a new battery now, since the bike was just going to sit for a couple of months anyway. Only thing is, I still needed to do an oil change on the 954RR before I let it hibernate, so I needed to get the bike running one more time.

I charged the bike last weekend but with the company x-mas party, getting my hair done and other stuff I never had a chance to start it. I disconnected it from the charger and the bike sat another week. I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t start for me this weekend. Even after changing the battery for 24 hours the battery had very little juice. So back on the charger it went. I’m going to cross my fingers that I can get the thing running tomorrow.

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