Friday, August 18, 2006

Height of motorcycle tires

It’s very clear that some tires are taller than others. Being a shorter rider and not able to flat foot any of my motorcycles, having lower tires is nice. I don’t like to add on any more height to my motorcycles.

But which tires ones are low? There are no dimensions written down anywhere when you are buying motorcycle tires. It’s not until you get two sets together and start to compare them, that you can see which ones are taller and which ones are lower.

The Pirelli Stradas are definitely taller then the Avon Azaro, both are same size tires. I though the Pirelli tires were more pointy, therefore taller, but the Azaros front is actually more pointy then the Strada front, and the Strada back is more pointy then the Azaro back. Kind of a funny combination, you would think a pointy back would get a pointy front.

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Front - Pirelli on the left and Avon on the right

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Back - Avon on the left and Pirelli on the right


Vijay Thampy said...

Just a thought, but I think the profile number on tyres should let you know more about the height along with the radius? The pointy part should level itself out when you mount and inflate the tyres right?

Just my 0.02.

Keep riding...

Rick said...

Hmmm when I went from OEM tires on the ST3 to the Stradas I thought the bike would feel "taller" because of the pointy profile, it didn't or I could feel a difference.