Sunday, August 13, 2006

Planning a big ride

Last night Sandy and I got together to figure out some details on our ride. Of course when planning a ride it helps to have wine, cheese, bread and some BBQed chicken and asparagus. Food for thought as they say.

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With planning come many modifications and some maintenance. When I got to Sandy’s house she just finished installing a radar detector and PIAA lights on her ST4s with the help of our friend Chris.

Today I started getting the ST3 ready for the big ride. How does the chain get so dirty? I think that's just chain lube and dirt, that's what happens when you lube on the go, pretty nasty.

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The bike also got a wash and I ordered the new tires.


DLM said...

Just took a tour around. God the food looks good.

Rick said...

Hmmm are using a chain wax? If so make sure it has at least 15 minutes until it sets up...the longer the better. And I'm notorious for "hosing" it on. Riding home from bike night with Sandy behind me with those PIAAs on, I only have one comment....damn they are bright.....maybe a winter mod...because the plastics on a ducati ST are a pain to take on and off!