Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tomorrow we're riding Southwest for 10 days

This was going to be a girl’s ride, just my friend Sandy and I. Sandy just started riding this Spring, bought herself a Ducati Monster 750, took a long trip on it and decided she liked touring so much that she wanted a sport-touring bike, so in July she bought a 2003 Ducati ST4s for touring. I’ve been on a few rides with Sandy this summer and all I can say is she is a natural. It took me at least a couple of years of riding to get to the lever she is at now.

So our ride, which I named "2 Ducs, 10 days and 10 states" officially starts tonight since Sandy arrived at my house already. We have some work to do though. She overpacked her top case and dropped her bike right outside my house trying to make a u-turn. We'll have to see what she can leave behind to lighten up her load and re-pack her top case.

Tonight I still have to load the maps to my GPS, write down the route for the next 10 days and finish packing. Tomorrow morning we leave.

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